About Us

We're a company based out of Atlanta, Ga (originally a skateboarding company) with our fulfilment/manufacturers located all across the world.

While many of our products are made our selves through apps like "Printify", "Kite" & "Printfy" etc. many of our products are pre-made from other companies using our company as a fulfilment/store also. Those companies are named "Spoket" & "Oberlo". 

We first initially founded our company back in 2010 as a skateboarding company but back in 2017 we decided to make it more about fashion & really began to work on our overall company.

Seeing the things and lifestyles that the homeless of the people of downtown truly hurt my heart and from that day forward I promised to do what ever I can to help, not "them" but "us" as humans.



With all of the help & support that we've been blessed to receive from our supporters and community we officially began to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

The video below is one of our first charity events called 5k Race For Homelessness. it turned out to be a huge. Success and one day I would love to sponsor something exactly like this. With all of the hurt , pain and fear of cancer these group of multiple religions and ethnics came together to simply have fun together with faces full of smiles and a feel of greatness. The experience was truly a blessing.



We've had the blessing of giving out tons of food and clothes for the homeless and also to those who just need help. We also are helping with up and coming companies with some of their projects, websites etc. If you would like to view any of our charity events visit More Here.