Congratulations Jt

Huge s/o to Jt for winning 2nd place at PreetySB's skate contest at brook run skatepark. We can't wait to see whats next to come. Keep up the good work homie we see you grinding. Also Jt is in the works of filming his own mini LAID video. In our latest contest “Pretty Yam Jam” Jt once again won the big trick contest with a big spin board slide

Straight Out The Slums

Thanks everyone for all of the support that you have all given us throughout the years. We're more than happy with the progress that we've made so far, we have a long ways to go to reach our goal but were closer than ever with the help of you all, thanks

PrettySB Yam Jam 2018

Jaden, what’s else can I say except for progression

Yam Jam 1st win with Jt